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How to Stay on Track on Vacation

As the weather in the US gets warmer, our desire to go away heats up!  So here’s my go-to guide on how to eat clean on vacation and beat the bloat while away. Continue reading here...

2016 Crossfit Atlantic Regionals

Last weekend I competed at the Atlantic Crossfit Regionals. It was literally a dream come true. At no point did I ever think going to Regionals would be realistic. Going was a dream.. but it became a dream come true. Continue reading here...

My Top 3 Must-Do Nutrition Recommendations

Let’s begin with calories. What are calories? They are a unit of measurement of energy. If you consume all of this energy and you do not expend it, what happens to it? It gets stored. It can get stored as muscle or it can get get stored as fat. Continue reading here...

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