5 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy

Halloween is upon us, and we can’t escape from the candy everywhere.  It’s in the stores, it’s at cash registers, it’s on your co-workers’ desks.  Candy is simply put processed white, highly addictive sugar.  It causes tooth decay, bad skin, increased fat, poor sleep habits, and a roller coaster ride for your blood sugar levels.



Here are five fool proof ways to avoid Halloween candy and stick to your meal plan to lose weight:


1. Snob Appeal.  You are too good for that crap!  You put in work at the gym and you eat so well, that stuff just isn’t good enough for your body.  Take this approach whenever you see candy and you won’t even want it!  Remember, your body is a temple, not a trash can.


2. Eyes Wide Shut.  Avoid the candy aisles at all costs.  Obviously if your assistant or boss has a bowl on his or her desk then you can’t avoid it, so when passing by, turn your head the other way.  I did when I was still addicted to sugar and I was preparing for a Bikini Competition.  I would turn my head the other way or close my eyes and think of my flat tummy.


3. Keep a Full Tank of Gas.  If you keep your body full you will be less susceptible to making bad decisions.  Eat every 2 – 3 hours and make sure every meal consists of protein, healthy carbs, and nutritional fat.  When your blood sugar is low it’s very easy to get the craving for something sweet, so never let that happen.


4. Don’t Bring it Home.  If it’s not in your house, you won’t break down and eat it when you are alone.  If you want to give it away to the neighborhood kids fine, but buy it right before dusk, keep it in a bowl near the door, hand the candy out, then at the end of the night when you think the kids are done, leave the bowl outside of your door or give the rest to one lucky kid.


5. Choose This, Not That.  If you know you are going to be tricked by candy or other naughty Halloween treats, bring something else.  For me, I’d much rather have some almond butter than a candy bar.  And I would definitely prefer some of this gluten free pumpkin pie than a blow pop!  Just make sure you come prepared with something that you really like, so you won’t feel like you are missing out on the fun!

What are some of your tricks for avoiding Halloween treats?  Leave me a comment below!

Your Coach,



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