7 Tips to Recovery After a Road Race

After a long race, your muscles are going to undoubtedly be sore and stiff.  One of the best ways to cure that is by getting up and moving!  The blood flow from activity will help flush the muscles of lactic acid so you will be back to training in no time.



In the meantime here are some fantastic ideas for activity you can do while recovering:

1. Enjoying brisk walks – these can be done in short spurts around the block on breaks at work, or on a treadmill in lieu of a training run.


2. Yoga – a power or vinyasa flow can be quite cardiovascular leaving you feeling like you just finished a tough workout, but refreshed as well.  Yoga can also help you stretch and restore the over used muscles like your hamstrings and IT bands while also giving your joints a break.


3. Tai Chi – similar to yoga, this moving flow can be cardiovascular, albeit lower intensity.  But the great thing about this moving meditation is that it will help you prepare for your next race by teaching you to focus and have much needed determination.


4. Swimming – sticking with movements easy on the joints, we must not forget the idea of taking a dip! The resistance of the water actually helps strengthen overlooked parts such as your delts and lats, but it gives you an opportunity to get in some cardio while your tendons and joints get some much needed time off.

5. Pilates – strengthening your core will go a long way when considering future runs.  When you take a little time off after a long race, you also want to be preparing for your next and this is a great way to mix it up while also thinking forward.


6. Bodyweight circuits – moves like burps, squats, planks, sit ups or scorpion push ups can be done anywhere and without any equipment.  When my clients train from home they may do a circuit four times that consists of 15 skate hops, 10 push ups, 30 mountain climbers and 30 second side planks.  If you do this with minimal rest between your lungs and heart will be feeling it, and this kind of cross training will help you prepare for your next race.


7. Foam roll/ stretch – Continuing to reserve that time in your schedule for body movement after a road race is important. You don’t want to get out of the habit of taking care of your body, but now you are just doing it in a different way. Here are a few tools you can try out for muscle recovery and to ease soreness.


What are your favorite ways to get moving after a long race?
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