Hey everyone.. you may or may not have heard me throw around the terms “online trainer” or “online training” lately, so I want to explain to everyone what that means.
First I want to start by telling you guys where it all started.  When I was younger I was not active – I hated sweating and I loved junk food.  I am 5’4″ and I got to be about 160 lbs at my heaviest when I was in college.

fat to fit5
It was really uncomfortable to me physically because my pants would rip all of the time and I always felt tired, and it was awful emotionally.  I never felt pretty because I had cellulite on my thighs and I felt like people wouldn’t like me because of my weight.  Feeling attractive was something very important to me and I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin and it weighed heavily on me.
I finally did something about it, but I had no clue what I was doing.  I just ate less and worked out more.  Years of this went by, eventually I hired a personal trainer and it helped some, but only got to me to the 140 pound mark, where I was still in a size 6 or Medium in most stores.  A big part of this was because I wasn’t exercising SMART and I wasn’t eating clean either.

I got really into working out, got my personal training certification through NASM and found what truly works.  It definitely takes the right nutrition plan as well as doing the right combination of exercise to lose weight, gain muscle and get toned and lean.  I truly feel like I have this amazing secret that I need to share with the world!!!
In training myself, I have managed to get myself down to 120 – 125 pounds and 16% body fat!  I have also competed in a few bikini competitions,  I have run numerous races up to half marathons, competed in tons of Crossfit competitions and most importantly I accomplish any goal I set out to do.
fat girl to crossfit
I have been an online personal trainer for over four years and I’ve trained so many types of clients – males and females; the unhealthy and obese looking to really lose body fat; the lean gals looking to put on muscle; young and old.  I’ve trained marathoners, obstacle course participants, competitors and athletes.  It’s been a tremendous experience and I adore training my clients!
But I realized that there’s so many of you in places as far as California and Australia that want me as their trainer and I needed to come up with a way to facilitate that.. thus online personal training was born.

Kyra Williams Fitness online training is the place to go to get your daily workouts.  You log onto the easily accessible Google Calendar daily to see what you will be doing each day.  There’s a very specific & detailed plan based on each clients’ goals & current ability.  You will find the exercises you’ll be performing, the sets, the reps and there’s even demonstration videos on how to perform each exercise.  The workouts include all of your strength training, cardiovascular and functional training needs.

Kyra Williams Fitness is the one-stop show for all your nutritional needs.  Not sure what to eat?  How much to eat?  When to eat it?  You can hire me for a one-time upgrade to set up a custom nutrition plan just for you based on your goals, your body type, daily schedule, daily calorie burn, your training protocol, foods you like/ dislike/ cannot eat and anything else foreseeable.  Additionally, we have tons of sample meal plans, nutrition facts as well as tons of other Kyra-approved recipes for you.

Kyra Williams Fitness is the place to go to stay on point!  We offer a private Facebook group and accountability and coaching emails and services to help you meet others who are in the same boat as you whether you need to lose 40 pounds or you are just looking to lose 2% body fat.

Oooh.. and the best part of all this is that online training is just $9 a month!!! Seriously. And all you need to do these workouts are dumbbells, a stability ball, jump rope and maybe a medball.



I’m so excited to be able to help so many clients now who are truly driven and excited to lose fat and inches, but gain lean muscle tone and confidence!  With online personal training your goals are limitless!



Are you ready to sign up NOW and start achieving your goals?!
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