Everything You Need to Know About Fasted Cardio

For such a long time I heard the benefits to fasted cardio, but I said, “I can’t do that!”

See, I was always SO hungry first thing in the morning and there was no way I could do anything other than pee before I ate.  Then we moved to Florida.  The first week we lived here it was HOT so getting up before the sun came up was necessary to get Stringer a good walk.  Poor thing can’t handle the heat with all that fur.

Our routine kind of began before I even realized.. we wake up, put on clothes, hit Bayshore for a couple miles, then come home and eat breakfast.

I started realizing that I see my abs now more often than I don’t. My scale, which always held steady at 140 was showing 135 most of the time. Even Stringer lost about five pounds.  I was talking to a friend about it when it occurred to me, I’M DOING FASTED CARDIO!



Here’s why it works…

When you fast overnight, your body is working to conserve it’s carbs and allows you to use fat as fuel.
Your body breaks down amino acids into glucose overnight, so when you do fasted cardio in the morning it mobilizes more fat.
There’s a caveat though… When your body breaks those amino acids (building blocks of protein) down into glucose it puts your body at risk of losing muscle. This is not good as you are looking to build lean muscle mass.. which we all are, do not be mistaken. (You have to HAVE muscle mass to see VISIBLE muscle tone.)



Will this work for you…

Most research you’ll read about fasted cardio will say it helps greatly with stubborn fat loss areas like lower belly fat or cellulite right under the butt. Most research will also tell you that it’s going to work best for men and women who already have low body fat (8% and 15%, respectively.)
How it’s done…

Remember what I said about your body breaking down amino acids? Well, we don’t want our body cannibalizing muscle so combat this by taking branch chain amino acids like these.
Do High Intensity Cardio for about 15 minutes or low intensity cardio, like walking, for about an hour.
When you are done immediately get in some fast digesting protein. I suggest About Time (use the code KWF for 25% off your delicious purchase – mocha mint is my fav) so as to make sure you preserve that muscle!
Do this a few times a week. There’s no right or wrong to the number of days you do it. If you do your high intensity interval training, but lift later, you do not need more HIIT after you lift after you lift that day. Do this if and only if, you have extra time. Don’t rearrange your whole life and stress yourself out to get this in.



Other things to consider…
Everything mentioned pertains to fasted cardio after sleep. It takes several hours to be in a fasted state, this is different for each individual, so let’s say it’s approximately 6- 8 hours.

I do not suggest doing weightlifting or HIIT fasted, I really recommend low intensity cardio only. One of the reasons is because to build muscle you need carbs, and the point of weightlifting is to build muscle, right? But also because when you go lift, you want to have lots of energy to lift the heaviest weight possible. I also don’t suggest HIIT fasted because I want you to have a ton of energy for that and I don’t want you to get light headed or injured.
If you are the kind of person who gets dizzy easily if you workout without something in your stomach, you can try the low intensity walks, like me, but if that doesn’t work for you either, then eat something.. this isn’t the end all be all of fat loss. Some people absolutely cannot stand eating first thing in the morning – perfect, try this out!
Fasted cardio is not going to make or break your goals. Some people love it, some people find it pointless. Try it a few days a week for a month and see if it makes a difference in your body – that’s the only way you are gonna know for sure! Just make sure you take progress pics so you know if it’s specifically because you started fasted cardio.



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