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40 HIIT Workouts

Wanna boost your metabolism, lose fat but keep your hard earned muscle? Do it in less than 20 minutes a day with minimal to no equipment with these 40 free workouts.

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Easy to Follow Workouts

This plan lays out everything you need to do to get in a workout that blasts fat, allows you to keep your muscle and boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours.

Quick Training Sessions

None of these workouts take longer than 20 minutes so save time training and NOT trying to come up with your own workouts.

Little to No Equipment

Train in your house, outside or at the gym. There are workouts for every person in this ebook.


Pay nothing. These are totally free.

Receive emails from me with coaching tips and accountability.

Feel confident doing all of the moves correctly with explanations for each workout.

High intensity interval cardio has changed my life. I don't spend hours on a treadmill anymore to get better results. I have a lot of free time now to spend with my family and while it's hard, it's worth it.

Teresa W
Teresa W AZ
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One Week to a Toned Tushie

This One Week to a Better Booty program has been downloaded by thousands - have your whole week of workouts planned out for you to improve get a better booty training at home or the gym.

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Follow Workouts With Ease

This plan guides you step by step with everything you need to do each day. This includes descriptions and photos of each exercise to ensure you are doing the moves properly.

Daily Training Sessions

Each day has a new workout. This plan includes cardio and strength training all focused on helping you get a better booty.

Train at the Gym or From Home

Train in your house, outside or at the gym. This program has two sections for each to make this super convenient for you.


It’s totally free!

You can use this as an add-on to the program you are already following or do it on it’s own.

Receive daily emails from me for a week with coaching tips and accountability.

I owe you Kyra. I know I put in the work, sweat and time – but you were there the entire time pushing, inspiring, motivating me and kicking my ass! (hugs) you are the best and I let everyone know you are!

Susie TX
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Grain Free Sweet Treats Cookbook

This free e-cookbook has some of my favorite recipes for easy to make grain-free sweet treats made with natural sugars only. Lose your cravings keep the body you want.

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Simple Recipes

I don’t like to cook so my recipes are really easy to follow with minimal ingredients that are easy to find anywhere.

Ditch the Sugar Cravings

Studies show that sugar is more addicting to us than drugs, yet very readily available. Use natural sweeteners that don’t have the same effects like honey and maple syrup to combat cravings.

Eat What Your Body Can Use

When you eat real food your body can use it as fuel rather than storing it as fat.


Make extra for guests or friends – these recipes fit just about any style of diet plan.

Enjoy sweets without the guilt.

Stop getting bloated and feeling gross after eating high sugar foods.

These recipes are really simple and easy to make for myself. They help nip my sweet tooth in the bud but keep me in alignment with my physique goals.

Ellen B
Ellen B NC
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