How Mayya’s Body Changed Along With Her Commitment to Fitness

Mayya is a long-term client of mine. She initially lost quite a bit of weight in previous cycles of #Commit2fit as well as other online training with me. But this session of #Commit2Fit things were different. No bouncing back and forth but solid consistency. Read Mayya’s first success story with me here.


I started with Kyra through her #Commit2fit challenge last year. Something sparked in me around September that I hadn’t felt for a very long time– I was ready to accept change. However, being that I had little reinforcement in my own home, I needed to seek accountability and motivation from the outside. I needed someone to tell me what workout routines I should do and how I should eat. From there, I slowly began to build up my consistency.


My experience was fantastic. Like-minded individuals talking about their own journeys and cheering each other on. And then Kyra, checking in weekly, making you take pictures monthly, letting you know where you need to push it a little bit more. She was honest, straight, and supportive all at the same time.


It’s easy to say what I achieved physically because I started tracking my progress visually. Anytime I went to the gym, I took a selfie and screenshots of my heart rate monitor progress.




However, the hardest (and greatest) achievement came to me mentally/emotionally. Reinvesting in myself this year reignited a spark that I had lost so many years ago. A speak to be active, be happy, and remind myself that when I take care of myself first, everything else will fall into place. I gained confidence and clarity.


My workouts routines no longer were checking off boxes but rather meditative states where I could clear my mind and focus on me. I actually STOPPED meditating in the morning because I was feeling the same results from lifting weights.




And when I wanted to try something new, like a group class, Kyra told me to go for it and worked it into my plan. If I’m doing the same thing over and over, I get bored. So, it’s great knowing that I have the option to change things up, to challenge myself, and have FUN!


That’s what it was– I remembered how to have FUN.


It’s funny now. I joke with my husband that I’ve become the funniest person in the room, which is something I never considered myself– not funny, witty, or anything of that sort. But working out CLEARS my mind so that I can be the charming, witty, and funny person. =)


One of the biggest things I had to overcome is accepting that it is ok to work on me. I don’t need to be around my husband. I don’t need to workout with friends. It’s just me, the music, and the weights. And I think that was the hardest thing for me to overcome.


I am a people pleaser… I don’t want people to be disappointment because they are waiting for me. But, sometimes that’s what you have to do to be 100% present with them… you have to take time for yourself.


It was 100% #Commit2fit this year, and I couldn’t be happier.




Kyra’s no-nonsense support was incredibly helpful. The camaraderie of the other individuals in the group and the wonderful motivation and support they provided was too. And my favorite– the weekly workout routines on the calendar were great!


The greatest things about #Commit2Fit are:
1. Internal satisfaction of completing something and sticking with it for 12 weeks.
2. Strong support system of like-minded individuals who are also going through it at the same time, but with their own personal fitness goals– which is fun because you get to see what other people are doing.
3. You get to know Kyra not as your coach, but as another woman who is also going through her own fitness journey


I would recommend training with Kyra because sometimes you just need a little bit of tough love and a lot of genuine support.


Just start. Do it. Don’t wait. Don’t over think it. Just get up and get moving.



Are you ready to commit to your goals and find your happiness?

Sign up for #Commit2Fit online personal training today!


Your Coach,



P.S. If you want to keep reading about Mayya and find out about her most recent update, you can do that here.

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