How Patty Fought Back Against Depression and Lost 20 Pounds

I signed up for Kyra Williams Fitness online training because I was tired of feeling overweight and didn’t like the direction my health was going in and needed help changing my diet. My goals were to lose 20 pounds. and to develop a healthy way of eating.

I first went with the the basic online subscription and really liked what I was seeing on the message boards so I then signed up for the Premium Package as I needed someone to outline a workout and meal plan specific for me.  I then later joined the #Commit2Fit program.

My experience has been great!  I have not only lost 20+ lbs. but I am on my to a better me.  I am, however, scared to do this on my own.  I have tried before and have not done as well as I had liked.  I really like the group support this program offers as well as the weekly check-ins.


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Physically I was wanting to lose my muffin top, and it took pretty much to the end of the program for those to dwindle down.  I still have a little bit to go, but that was a huge relief for me to see them go!  Mentally I was so sad to see myself get into such bad shape!  I had always been the skinny girl.  Of course, once I hit 35, I was the skinny-fat girl.  I was still thin looking but had a very high body fat percentage.

My jean size crept up from a size 8 to a size 12 and when my size 12s were skin tight I finally hit rock bottom and had had enough and knew something had to change.  I reached out to Kyra and she has helped me so much with my eating.  I was like so many people and trying to eat the low fat/low carb products and not seeing any results!

All my body needed was a reset and to eat REAL food!  Also, when I found Kyra I had just lost my mother and I was very depressed and already at my highest weight and I knew I could easily turn to food for comfort.  I didn’t want to be one of those people!

Instead of turning to food to comfort me in the sudden death of my mother I turned to Kyra for help in my fitness and meal plan.  In doing so, the workouts really helped me to focus on my body instead of the pain I felt inside.  I really felt that if I hadn’t turned to her at that time that I would have and could have been on my to becoming even sadder and obese and unhealthy.


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As I mentioned earlier, I started out subscribing to the website and following the exercises there and following the message boards.  The community really helped me to get fired up and join the custom online training program to get a more personal and specialized plan for me.  I really needed that at that point in my life as I just didn’t have the willpower to do it on my own at that time.

I really liked having a meal plan, the weekly check-ins, support group from other members via private FB group and workouts posted weekly.

I would and have definitely recommended this to friends.  This is a great service for people to get fired up about working out and eating right and for those who don’t have the tools or know how for doing so.

My advice to newbies would be to take it slow!  Don’t try to do it all if you can’t!  I’ve heard some people say Kyra’s workouts “were too hard!”…well, then they should only do what they can do to start with and build up until they are able to do all the movements and reps.  It’s not a race and results are not instant…baby steps.


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I have enjoyed being in the #Commit2Fit program and have learned so much about fitness as I have about myself and what I can actually do.  Kyra you were actually the person who turned me on to trying Crossfit.  I had heard of a local box but I thought it was for guys only.  I read some of your blogs and I was so impressed and thought, you know what, I’m gonna try that!  I was so scared that first day as I do not like to work out in front of people and I am actually pretty shy and went there by myself and didn’t know a single person there!

Now I look forward to going to Crossfit and have been shocked by what my body can do!  When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I thought my days of being active and working out were over.  I actually thought I wasn’t going to be able to do Crossfit because of it.  Fortunately I went into remission for 2 years and during that time is when I first tried Crossfit and I have never looked back!  I have since had my RA come back, but I know how to work around it now and have discussed my issues with my coaches and they know what movements I can and can’t do during those times.

Fortunately I am doing great right now, except for my shoulders-which are on the mend, but I am still going to Crossfit.  I never want to quit moving my body and I would love to keep working with you Kyra!!!!!!!  Thank you for everything you have taught me and thanks for being there for me when I have needed you.  🙂


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P.S. Here’s a more recent update about Patty’s success and how she came back after knee surgery to gain more muscle than she’s ever had.

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