How to Stay on Track on Vacation

As the weather in the US gets warmer, our desire to go away heats up!  So here’s my go-to guide on how to eat clean on vacation and beat the bloat while away.

First things first, everywhere you go you can find a grocery store.  Google beforehand or use Google maps on your smart phone.  Get there right away via cab if you must, and stock your room with non-perishables like oatmeal, nut butter, fruit and bring your own protein powder.  Most hotels have a microwave in their lobby or you can always use hot water from a coffee maker to make your morning oatmeal.



If you have a fridge then you can also grab some deli turkey or hard boiled eggs (awesome in a pinch for some lean protein) and some fresh veggies like baby spinach and perhaps some mustard or hot sauce. You can bring your own Joseph’s whole wheat high fiber wraps (my favorite) and this will allow you to have a healthy breakfast and lunch each morning. This will also save you money.



Don’t forget to have plenty of fresh water on hand. Get about a gallon for each day. You will be sweating a lot and probably indulging in some adult beverages, so it’s more important than ever to drink lots and lots of water. Make it a game that you and your travel partner race to see who can finish the most water in a day.



You can bring you own almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc and you can get plenty of fresh fruit locally, so pair the two together and perhaps a protein shake and there you have great snacks.



The great thing about being on an island or at the beach is that there’s plenty of fishing and just about everywhere you dine you can get fresh fish. If you are not by the sea, that’s no excuse.  You can still get grilled chicken or steak.  Just request the server to NOT bring over a bread bowl before you have that first cocktail, before your willpower takes a nose dive. Then place your order for fresh fish/ chicken/ steak, baked or grilled (not fried) with a side of veggies (hold the butter.)



When on vacation you absolutely SHOULD have some delicious cheat meals, so plan them. I know you will be celebrating the special occasions and enjoy your dessert, but don’t bother spending the entire weekend indulging day in and day out when it’s truly not worth it (cheetos and french fries for no other reason other than just because they are there.)



To keep from being uncomfortably bloated, remember that you will be getting plenty of carbs with your alcohol so skip them when you can and make sure you get plenty of healthy fats in your other meals (hence why I said bring plenty of nuts with you) as those can be used as energy.



And you will need that energy to go on excursions like deep sea fishing (amazing leg and ab workout!), snorkeling, hiking, skiing, exploring, taking walks on the beach.. and you can get up a little early a few times while you are there and do this workout…


5 rounds –

50 squat jumps

40 mountain climbers, each leg

30 knee to elbow crunches, each side

20 hand release push ups

10 burpee broad jump



Your coach,



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