How Your Blood Sugar Affects Your Fatloss Goals

You always hear people say, “Don’t let your blood sugar spike,” or “ That food is too high on the glycemic index,” and even bold statements like “ Insulin spikes lead to fat gain.”


I’m going to explain what all of this means and how it pertains to you, your fat loss goals and how you can use this as a tactic to get lean!  Before you read on, make sure you read last week’s blog explaining the glycemic index and glycemic load.


Last week you learned all about the glycemic index and glycemic load.  You also learned that when you eat foods high on the glycemic index that it causes your insulin to spike.


Okay, so let’s discuss what insulin is.  It’s a term we throw around a lot, but I want you to understand EXACTLY what insulin is.  Insulin is a hormone that causes the body to take glucose (sugar) from the blood and store it as glycogen in the liver and muscles.  This stops the use of fat as an energy source for your body.


Well while your insulin is spiked your body can’t use fat as fuel.  And unfortunately (depending on the glycemic load) this could last for hours. BOO.

But when your insulin levels are low (normal) glucose is not taken from the cells and fat can be used as a source of energy.  YAY.


When you eat foods that are high on the glycemic index your pancreas produces so much insulin to turn the glucose to energy and it tells your body it will be using that for energy, NOT FAT.  So now you are storing fat.


Not only that but insulin requires to much blood sugar to be transported from the blood (spikes blood sugar) and leaves your insulin and blood sugar levels to drop rapidly.  This leaves you tired and hungry and most likely craving something else high in sugar to bring your levels back up.  This turns into a roller coaster ride of rapid spikes and drops.
The things you should take from this lesson are:
High blood sugar levels also turn off fat burning off and fat storage on
Spikes in insulin and blood sugar are following by drops in insulin and blood sugar causing cravings for more high glycemic foods
Your body will combat this by releasing energy stored from fat, but insulin will not allow this to happen so your body will turn to using it’s own muscle tissue as fuel
Do you want to know the best ways to eat to maintain a steady balance in blood sugar so you get lose fat, build muscle and get lean? Find out here:

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