Karyn Found her ME Time as a Mom and her Pre-Baby Body

In 2013, one of my friends started a Facebook page about her fitness journey, so of course, I started following her to support her progress.  At this point, I was trying to find something that I enjoyed, but everything that was “for women” was mostly tedious cardio, or just incredibly fast paced and I was not ready for that intensity.

My friend follows Kyra Williams Fitness on Facebook, so I decided to like the page.  I also started following some other trainers on Facebook searching for inspiration.  I spent the rest of 2013 searching for my motivation.  In the spring of 2014, I saw the Kyra was offering the Lean Body Workout Program for a very affordable price.  After really researching the program, I fell in love.  I loved lifting in high school and college, but for some reason, I got out of it.



I wanted to lose the baby weight.  I don’t even think it would be considered baby weight at this point.  When I got married in 2005, I was 120 pounds.  In hindsight, that was very thin for my 5’7” frame.  I was very active though.  I worked out at least four days a week, and walked almost everywhere.  After I lost my first job, I gained 15 pounds of unemployment weight, then my husband was deployed and that added another 15 pounds.  I was laid-off in 2009, and found out I was expecting my first son a week later.


I was able to lose that baby weight pretty well with Weight Watchers, but I wasn’t fit.  I decided to go back to school for nursing after I had my son.  I had my second son right before I was accepted in nursing school.  So after two lay-offs, two kids, a deployment and nursing school, I went from 120 to 160 pounds.  I was not comfortable with myself and I knew I needed to take time for myself.  I decided that I was going to take the summer of 2014 to center myself and take some “me” time.  Being a mom, wife and nursing student left no time for me and I was miserable.


I love the Lean Body Workout Program.  There are difficult exercises in it, but they are not impossible..  I was out of shape and flabby, but I was able to do everything.  The Facebook group (from the program) is very motivating.  The ladies that I have virtually met on there are wonderful inspirations.  I work out at home, but I wouldn’t feel intimidated to go to the gym and workout.



I won’t lie, I’m still struggling with pull-ups, but I can do burpees now without thinking twice about it.  I’m able to run from the basement to the second floor of my house without being winded (unless I’m carrying one of my kids).  I’m physically in the best shape of my life, and I used to run track and play soccer.  Mentally and emotionally, I’m in my zone.  I’m more focused on my family and school because I’m relaxed.  I can schedule my day and have less stress because I take that time to work out.  My sons love to lift with me.


To achieve this I had to prioritize my life.  I am not one to make schedules for myself, but I had to change that.  Everything I do needs to be planned and scheduled.  It took a lot of dedicated for me to do this, but I did.  My husband has been very supportive and knows how important it is for me to workout.  Even though, I usually do it while the boys are playing and never get alone “me” time, it still energizes me and makes me feel happier.


Some of the benefits include..
-Everything is spelled out and the expectations are clear. I love the structure.
-Motivation and inspiration from the coaches and the other ladies in the program.
-Seeing results quickly, but not because of one those “quick weight loss” schemes.  This is a lifestyle overhaul that is easy to stick with.


I would definitely recommend Kyra’s fitness programs.  I love how I look and feel inside and out.  I’m stronger and more confident than I have ever been.  Everything I have tried with Kyra has worked and I just want to stay with it.


(My advice is) you need to find something you like.  If you don’t enjoy doing something, you’re not going to keep doing it.  There is a lot of trial and error in fitness because what works for some, might not work for others.  Also, never compare yourself or your journey to anyone else- we are real women, doing real life work and we won’t be gracing Victoria Secret catalogs.  Remember that it is a journey, so you won’t reach your goals over night, but with dedication anything is possible.

 If you are ready to lost fat and get into the best shape of your life..
Get Started on the Lean Body Workout Program today! 

Your Coach,

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