Kettlebell Arm Bar

Kettlebell Arm Bar

Begin the kettlebell arm bar with your back on the floor, the KB in your right hand and your right knee bent with your foot on the floor with your heel by your butt. Your left arm should be out, away from your  body with the palm facing down.Flex your shoulder so that is pushes away from the floor and your entire arm is engaged.

Sweep your right knee in toward your chest, then across your body so your spine twists and as you are pressing your hips to face the ground, your arm will go overhead, so it basically gives your a pillow for your face. Your right arm should stay straight in the air with your shoulder flexed and your arm entirely locked out, and you should keep your face toward the KB, with eyes never losing contact with it. Pause in this position, then come back to where you began the same way you came, bring your foot down to the floor, the your left arm out to the side and your back on the ground.

You may perform multiples on each side or alternate sides.

Kettlebell arm bars stretch, strengthen and stabilize the shoulder and are part of Kyra Williams’ online personal fitness training program and workout routines as they also open up the thoracic spine and are great for warming up before lifting overhead.

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