Kettlebell Turkish GetUps

Kettlebell Turkish GetUps

Begin the kettlebell arm bar with your back on the floor, the KB in your right hand and your right knee bent with your foot on the floor with your heel by your butt. Your left arm should be out, away from your  body with the palm facing down.

Flex your shoulder so that is pushes away from the floor and your entire arm is engaged. Then peel your chest off the floor, leading with the right shoulder, and come onto your left forearm, and onto your left palm. Press your butt off the floor by pressing into the ground with your right foot, but your left leg will be very straight and equally engaged. You should have one straight, diagonal line from the KB down to your left hand at this point.

Then sweep your left leg under your right leg and body, so you can come up onto that left knee and now the KB should be directly over the left hand on the ground. Use your obliques to pull the trunk of your body up so you are no longer supported by your left hand and you are kneeling on your left knee, then flex your left foot and press up to a shortened lunge type position, and bring your feet to hip width distance apart side by side.

Then go back to that shortened lunge with your left foot behind your right and come back to kneeling on your left knee. Lower the trunk of your body sideways again so your are supported with your left hand and the KB is directly over your left hand. Really press into that left hand to support you while you sweep your left leg under you so it’s out front of your body, engaged and you are digging your right heel into the ground. Then set your left hip down on the ground, come back to your left forearm, and back so that both shoulder are on the ground.

You may perform multiples on each side or alternate sides. ALWAYS keep your eyes in constant contact with the KB.

Kettlebell turkish getups, strengthen and stabilize the shoulders and core and are part of Kyra Williams’ online personal fitness training program and workout routines as they are full body strengthening exercises.

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