Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell Windmill


To perform, begin with a kettlebell overhead. You may do this by cleaning and pressing the KB or snatching it. Your shoulder and elbow should be locked out and your palm forward and the KB resting against the back of your hand. Your feet should be wider than hip distance, with your knees and toes pointing out about 45 degrees or to 1 and 11. Push your butt out toward the side with the kb overhead, bending at the hip, slowly lean down so that you can touch the floor with your other hand. Pause, then come back to stand by straightening at the hip and bringing your hips back under your shoulders. Keep your chest/ head/ eyes facing the KB at all times. You can do multiple reps on one side or you can switch arms.


Kettlebell windmills are part of Kyra Williams’ online personal fitness workout plans as it is great for thoracic spine twisting/ opening, hip hinging and shoulder stability. I personally love doing them as part of my warm up as they are to be done with great focus, so it’s not necessary to go fast or heavy to get the most from this exercise. You will certainly get core strengthening from this as well as some shoulder strengthening. The windmill is also great for stretching as it will open up your thoracic spine, pecs, piriformis and hamstrings.



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