Lying Straight Leg Raise with Twist

Lying Straight Leg Raise with Twist


Lie on your back with your legs together on the ground. Begin this exercise by bringing your legs in the air. From here, if you are just doing lying straight leg raises, your legs will go back down to the floor and repeat.


If you are adding in the twist, after your legs come off the ground and into the air, you will then bring your hips off the ground and twist your feet to the right, then lower back down, bring them back up and twist your legs to the left.


If you feel any pressure in your lower back when doing the lying straight leg raises, you can limit how far down toward the ground your bring your legs or you can place your hands behind your lower back for lumbar support.


Lying Straight Leg Raise with Twist are part of Kyra Williams’ Personal Fitness Program and workout routines as they increase your core strength.


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