Mayya’s Balanced Lifestyle of Fun and Fitness Brings Lasting Changes

Before diving into Mayya’s words, I want to say a few of my own.. Mayya has been a client of mine for quite some time. She came in motivated to make health and fitness a lifestyle. Mayya LOVES to batch cook.. it’s a time when she gets to turn off her mind and just do some therapeutic work. So that has come in handy and she knows a thing or two about what’s healthy and what isn’t. But the thing about Mayya is that she is young and is enjoying being a newlywed and enjoys herself and her life. In the time we have worked together she has never shyed away from going to a game or having some fun with her husband on the weekends. She shifts things around so she can workout and she can have fun too. Health and fitness is truly a lifestyle for her.




I originally found Kyra back when she had her “Get in Shape Girl” alias. I followed her through and really liked her blog posts. I got to a crossroads in my fitness journey and just couldn’t seem to shake the pounds off on my own.


I knew how to use the equipment and the importance of ST, but I just didn’t know how to build a program. I needed something that wasn’t going to suck my time up– get in, get out, and get the most out of my workout. So, I started training with Kyra (via GISG membership.) Then #commit2fit opened up and I KNEW that was what i needed– an accountability group of like-minded women who were on the journey to fitness and health.


The basic online training package did not work for me, but the workouts were still great so I kept those. When #commit2fit opened up, it was the right icing to the cake. 1-on-1 with Kyra plus accountability from others was EXACTLY what I needed.


It took several months, but I finally was able to come to terms with accepting the “balance mindset.” Kyra is a HUGE advocate that you need to balance everything in life. You missed a workout today to be with your family? No big deal! The workout will still be there tomorrow. Enjoy your time with the people who love you. You had cake for dinner tonight? NO BIG DEAL! Quench the craving monster NOW before it gets out of hand later. Balance.  I had to overcome the OCD/Perfectionist mindset that I’ve always had — all or nothing. All or nothing won’t do anything for you except make you obsessed.


I absolutely love the workouts. They are different every week so things don’t get stale. My second favorite was definitely the 1-on-1/accountability that Kyra/#commit2fit provides.


I also loved meeting new people. Getting advice on alternatives (like if you don’t have the equipment or physically can’t do something,) and getting to know Kyra on how “real” her approach is to coaching.


My advice is to start slow. Invest in someone who can help you create a good plan. And just do it! Just start. Go out for a walk. Stop drinking the soda. Just do something SMALL. And then, change it up! If something isn’t working for you or if you’re not “feeling” it, try something new.


Are you ready to make the small changes that will last a lifetime?

Join me in #Commit2Fit today!


Your Coach,



P.S. We caught up with Mayya more recently.. click here to find out how much she has shrunk since this story…

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