My First Bikini Competition Week 12

Holy crap. It’s here.. it’s really happening. OMG.
So not a lot to update you guys on. My weight is down to 120 – 123.

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I’ve been going to posing class twice a week.. for an hour on Fridays and two hours on Sundays. It’s so helpful to walk, smile and pose in front of our coaches. It’s way more intimidating to do it in front of them than it is to do it on my own, which I have been doing a lot of.
I steal the key to the yoga room where there’s a wide open space a mirror at my gym. I can be alone there in my heels with Britney blasting on the speakers. I am trying to take on a totally different persona but it’s weird. I’m so not the kind of girl who wants to be on stage in a tiny bikini and heels.
I thought I was.. I mean, I love attention and I love being pretty but as it turns out, I’m kind of more of a dude than a super girly girl. But I think I got into the whole thing because I love lifting. Ryan and I were talking about that this weekend actually.. how my favorite things in life are eating, lifting and pooping. I really am a dude, huh?!
So this week I’ve been eating a lot of fish. I’ll leave you guys with some very useful and important facts about fish and why it is awesome. I personally enjoy tilapia, mahi, salmon and tuna. There’s obviously a lot of other fish in the sea, but I don’t know if I like them. I know I like these and have a lot of recipes in the recipes section of my blog. Anyway, here’s some fun facts:
– Research has shown that fish oil can reduce morning stiffness and the number of painful joints in rheumatoid arthritis patients
– Fish oils help prevent heart disease, depression, and cancer
– Increasing the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids has direct effects on serotonin levels
– Fish oils decrease inflammation
And now, progress pics…



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