Patty Battled Health Issues and Surgeries but Fought Back for Her Strongest Self

When Patty and I first began working together she had just lost her mother and was a little lost herself. She used fitness as her way to fight back against depression and lost 20 pounds doing so.  You can read about that here. Here is an update on her personal fitness story.


When I initially began working with Kyra I had a lot going on in my life at the time and was fed up with feeling bad about myself. My mother had just passed away and I began to eat more junk and gave up working out and pretty much gave up on life. I needed something to spark my passion for life again and this site was really my last hope.


My goals in the beginning were just to get myself into my workouts routines and to get my mind to focus off the loss of my mother and all the sadness going on in my life and I knew working out would be my outlet. Then later, after I started seeing results, it became more on “if this is what my body can do, what more can I do with it?” so after doing #Commit2Fit for a few sessions and following Kyra’s Crossfit journey, I decided to try Crossfit.


Three years later of doing #Commit2Fit with Kyra and doing Crossfit as well (you can read about that in Patty’s past blog here), I had knee surgery and gave up on Crossfit.


I was not doing #Commit2Fit during the surgery and rehab time and I wish I would have been because I really needed the support and accountability of the group. I signed back up for the next session as soon as I could get back into the gym. I am solely following the workout routines Kyra has written for me and am loving it and seeing great results. I am building more muscle mass than I ever had in Crossfit and am able to focus on muscle groups that I have never specifically worked on before.


Physically I have achieved more muscle mass. Mentally I have achieved more self confidence and Emotionally I have gained more control over my anxiety and feelings of anger.








Having a set plan for workout routines and eating works for me and I feel like I am guided through my week and more in control than when I do not have a regime. I need the structure and someone to help with a personal fitness plan for me in my meal planning and workouts and a coach that I could go to for questions. I got all of this from #Commit2Fit and I love this program!


I benefit most from the #Commit2Fit program because I get the one on one from my coach and I also get the benefit of having access to a private Facebook group with amazing ladies that hold me accountable and that we can share all of our struggles and highs/lows. I also enjoy the personalized meal plans, can ask coach Kyra questions and get a quick response, connection to other ladies in the same situations


I would definitely recommend #Commit2Fit because this is something that anyone can do and Kyra makes it so anyone can do it! She walks you through the meal plan and the workout routines and offers modifications where needed. I have needed modifications several times and she understands and always has something I can do.









If you think you can’t do it, tell yourself you can! I learned through Crossfit that the human body is capable of doing much more than we give ourselves credit for, that it’s more mental than it is physical. As the Nike add says, Just do it!


I would just like to say, Kyra, you have been there for me all these years. I have extreme highs and extreme lows and I have always given my best. It seems like life tries to put up hurdles for me and I just have to keep jumping them and that’s what I plan to keep on doing because that’s all I’ve got. I refuse to give in to health issues or injuries and make that an excuse to not work out or do something active! I’ve learned through you that if you just stay active, doing whatever you can, that anything is possible.











Thank you for being there for me and I consider you a dear friend! I feel like I have grown the most this time around than any of the others I have done. I have learned that life is too short to just give in and just accept things for what they are. I will not accept things for what they are any more. I will make things how I want them to be!



Do you want to take charge of your health and your life?

Sign up for #Commit2Fit today!


Your Coach,


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