Resistance Band Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes

Resistance Band Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes

Stand on center of resistance band with handles, bend at hips so your torso is facing the ground and start with your hands out front of your body. Leading with the backs of your hands, lift your arms so they are at the side of your body with arms extended, then lower back down.

Resistance band rear delt flyes are part of Kyra Williams’ Personal Fitness Program and workout routines as they are a great way to increase shoulder (rear delt) strength.

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  • Tonya Brooks

    Reply Reply September 25, 2017

    The pop up chat box is extremely frustrating. Pops up every 5 seconds while I’m going through workout.

    Also the hyperlinks to the videos don’t always go to the specific exercise I’m on in the rotation.

    Very disruptive to the flow of the workout as I’m constantly interrupted by these glitches

    • Kyra Williams

      Reply Reply September 26, 2017

      thank you for the feedback! I need to know this info. I will definitely look into only having it on the homepage!

    • Kyra Williams

      Reply Reply September 26, 2017

      shoot me an email with your IP address and I think I have a solution

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