Resistance Band Lat Pushdowns

Resistance Band Lat Pushdowns

Wrap 2 – 3 thin resistance bands over a pullup bar or something sturdy so they hang down at the same height with the same amount of resistance, then place a pvc or light rod of some sort through the bands. Make sure when you pulldown, both sides receive an equal amount of resistance.

Stand in front of where you have the bands and pvc set up and extend your arms straight out in front of you, then from there, press the band down until it touches your upper thighs, then release back to where your arms are straight out in front.

Resistance band lat pushdowns are part of Kyra Williams Fitness’ personal fitness plan and workout routines as they increase your shoulder and lat strength and can help you get better at pull ups and toes to bar. The more you use your pinkies and ring fingers to initiate the pull, the more of your lats and less of your shoulders this will use.

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