Serratus Anterior Activation

Serratus Anterior Activation

Use a fairly light resistance band and wrap it around your forearms so your inner arms/ palms face each other, then pin a foam roller between your wrists and the wall. Gently lean into the wall/ foam roller and raise your arms to the sky and the roller will work its way down toward your elbows and you are essentially in an overhead position. Then roll downward so the roller makes its way back up to your wrists. While this is happening, press your forearms outward against the band to activate your serratus anterior.

Serratus anterior is responsible for raising your arms in front of you (push ups) and overhead. They are located at the top of your rib cage. Activating your serratus anterior is part of Kyra Williams’ Personal Fitness Program and workout routines as it can help shoulders from becoming impinged, increase stability in your shoulders and get them warmed up for bench pressing or overhead movements.

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