Side Plank Leg Lifts

Side Plank Leg Lifts


For a low side plank you will rest on your forearm and your elbow and shoulder will be stacked one on top of the other. Your hips will also be stacked and your core and quads should be engaged. You can stack your feet, or they may be staggered one in front of the other. You may make this easier by placing your bottom knee on the ground.

You will laterally raise your top leg and lower it for the desired number of reps or time then switch sides.

For a high side plank, everything is the same except you are no longer on your forearm, but your hand, so your wrist, elbow and shoulder are stacked.

Side Plank Leg Lifts are part of Kyra Williams’ Personal Fitness Program and workout routines as they increase your core and shoulder strength and stability.

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