Tabletop Progression

Tabletop Progression

Start on your hands and knees, so your shoulders, elbows and wrists are in one straight line and your knees are directly under your hips, and your torso is flat.

The first exercise is tabletop knees out to in, so you will bring one knee toward your elbow, then swing it out, laterally, then press it back behind you so your leg is parallel to the ground, then knee back down to the floor.

The next exercise is knee in to out, so your press your leg back behind you, parallel to the ground, then bring your knee in toward your elbow, then back down to the floor.

The third exercise is knees to elbows, so bring your knee in to touch your elbow on the same side.

These tabletop exercises are part of Kyra Williams’ online personal fitness training program and workout routines because they are great hip openers for hip mobility as well as core strengthening.

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