The Most Simple Approach to Fatloss

Do you want to lose weight?  Tone up?  Get visible abs?  Decrease body fat?  Change your body composition?  Let’s talk fat loss…

This is my guide for those of your who are totally new to this to make things simple.  But for those of you who aren’t new to this, stay tuned – I’m gonna break it down for you and take you back to basics!


Step 1.  Find your BMR.  You need to have an idea about how many calories a day you burn just being alive. It’s more than you think.  You also need to take into consideration how active you are.  So go ahead and get your daily caloric expenditure including activity while you’re at it. This blog will help you get all of this information.

Step 2. Now that you know how many calories you burn each day, you need to know how many you consume.  So just for laughs, go log your food for one day.  I like calorie/ macronutrient trackers such as sparkpeople or myfitnesspal.  Being in a caloric deficit can definitely help you get the fatloss training rolling and you can do that with diet, exercise, or a combination of both, which is the one I recommend. However, I don’t suggest going over 500 calories in the hole each day. Perhaps if you have a lot of fat to lose/ you are obese 500 – 1000 is appropriate, but you don’t want to get excessive with this because you need fuel for your body.

Step 3.  Get a workout plan.  It should include low intensity cardio, high intensity interval training and strength training.  You want to burn fat, gain muscle and get really fit, right?  So do them all! Strength training helps you build muscle which will help you lose fat 24/7 by increasing your metabolism. HIIT will help you burn fat without burning muscle, but it also takes more recovery so it has to be quick. Low intensity cardio is great because it helps decrease stress, helps you burn fat but doesn’t increase cravings or hunger.

Step 4. Sleep as much as possible.  If your calories are lower than what you are used to and you are used to eating fries and pies you will probably have cravings, especially at first.  Sleep will help decrease cravings, it will decrease recovery time between your workouts and you will feel so much better!

Step 5.  Don’t eat processed foods.  If it has an ingredient list, it’s suspect.  If it has ingredients you cannot pronounce or don’t know what it is, don’t eat it.  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for meats, high quality dairy, fruits, veggies, nuts and oils and stuff that came from the earth.  Whatever is leftover in your house, donate it or throw it away.  For more on Eating Clean, check out this blog, the How-To Guide to Clean Eating.

Step 6. Don’t stress out.  This is what I usually see from clients..

They wake up on January 1st and decide to lose weight so they join a gym.  They are confused and get on the elliptical with People magazine and their music for an hour.  They decide they should lift some weights so they do a few bicep curls and some lunges.  They are tired so they go home.  They eat grapefruit some lettuce and call it a day.  This goes on for about a week and a half then something comes up and they decide to skip the gym.  Well, about 3 weeks into this plan they are missing the gym more frequently than they are going, and they don’t understand why they just can’t lose weight and give up.


They wake up on January 1st and decide to lose weight so they join a gym.  They take spin 5 days a week, after which they spend 30 minutes doing abs.  They come back later in the day to lift weights for an hour.  On Saturdays they do back to back pilates and kickboxing classes.  They workout nearly 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.  They follow the top 100 fitness models on Facebook and they read blogs from Paleo fanatics, Eat Clean experts, they hear about Jennifer Aniston just getting her post baby six pack from the Zone diet.. There’s just SO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE!!!!!  And they try to follow every single thing they hear perfectly, until one day, they break down.



Just take it back to basics.  Follow all of the steps I listed above and you will have success.  It really is that simple.  If this confuses you or if you need a detailed plan laid out SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU then allow me to be your guide and your online personal trainer.  I will help you and be there for you every step of the way.


This can and will be your time to make something happen for yourself!


Your Coach,


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