The Only Three Reasons You Have Not Reached Your Fitness Goals

In 2010 I became a personal trainer because after losing 20 pounds of fat, doing three bikini competitions and losing another 25 pounds, and learning everything necessary to change my body and life, I felt like I had learned a secret I needed to share with the world.


Since I have become a personal trainer and have now spent years of my life training clients all over the world, I have truly realized my purpose in life. Yes, I have the information and the knowledge to share, but more than that, I am the most persistent and mentally tough person I have ever met, and I’m pretty incapable of giving up when I decide I want something. So you put those two things together, and I can say pretty assuredly that my purpose is truly to help people find their own version of healthy.


I’ve experienced a lot of different personalities and a lot of different scenarios in people’s lives so I have a lot of that experience and from that I have learned how and why people fold when it comes to working out and eating healthy. So I want to share with you why it happens and what you can do about it, so you can move past these road blocks and continue on your fitness journey…




1. An all or nothing mentality. Usually around the first of the year, the start of a program, or whatever the person does to begin, they start with this ALL IN mentality, which is great, but not sustainable for most people.


Let’s say you do a “biggest loser” type challenge at work. Every week you weigh-in. You Track your food online, you eat pretty strict and you workout 60 – 90 minutes everyday, six days a week. Most people can handle doing that for a month or so, but it isn’t sustainable long term. You can take a month off from going on dates, having dinner parties with friends or having a super long day at work and just wanting to crash with a pizza. And anyone can hit the gym everyday for 30 days straight or spend the time tracking their food for a few weeks, but what about when life gets really hectic over the summer and you have vacation or when you decide to remodel your kitchen?


You may not be able to be in 100%. You may have to modify some, like you might not be able to cook your 99% fat free ground turkey in olive oil, with a side of steamed spinach and roasted sweet potato.. you might have to go out to dinner from the place of someone else’s choosing and you might not be able to order fish with steamed veggies. Or you might not be able to make it to the gym for an hour to lift and do your cardio and you might have to fit something in at home with the 20 minutes you have to spare, if you get to workout at all.


Life is not black and white and this all or nothing mentality isn’t what makes it very far. Nutrition and fitness is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It has to be something you can do your whole life. It’s like if I told you to go from Boston to San Diego on foot.. if you started in a sprint you would get really tired and have to stop after about 30 seconds.. but if you begin by walking, then taking rest as needed on the journey, you would eventually make it.



2. Not having a plan. It’s really cool that you want to see quads that pop, you want a firmer bum and you want to lose about 10 pounds of fat.. that is awesome. But do you know what to do to get there?


I am sure that you are a pro at what you do for work, but is your job a fat loss specialist, personal trainer or dietician? Because unless that is your area of expertise, it would be in your best interest to ask for a little help. There is nothing wrong with that.  I don’t know how to color my roots to keep my hair blonde so I hire a hair dresser to do that for me. I’m also not an expert in car maintenance so I take my car to the dealership when it needs to be serviced.  I bet you do these things too and you have no shame in them, so why have shame in asking someone for help when it comes to nutrition and fitness?


When you have a professional lay out a plan designed specifically for you, it takes into consideration what your life is like, your body, your goals and what you need to get from where you are to where you want to be. You have a plan of attack every single day that fits into your life that you can actually follow! And when you have a plan you are far more likely to stick to it than when you just wing it.


I mean, think of all the times you weren’t really sure of what you were going to do once you got to the gym.. what did you actually get done? Or all of those weekends when you didn’t have food prepared.. what did you end up eating?



3. A lack of enjoyment. So let’s say you decide in effort to lose weight, you sign up with a friend to run a half marathon. You train with her and you honestly get to a point where if she cancels or it rains on a training day, you are okay with that. You run the race and then that’s it. You lost some fat, you feel a little better but you didn’t reach your goal, aside from running the 13.1 miles on race day, and you go back to life as usual. What was the point?


Or let’s say you wanna lose your belly so you go gluten free, dairy free, soy free and meat free on Mondays.. but you seriously miss your Sunday night ice cream dates with your family and you never really thought you had a reaction to gluten anyway.. and it’s just not worth it anymore and you just go back to your old ways.. what was the point?


You have to train and eat in a way you enjoy because then you will crave it every single day. I always tell people that if my options for working out were swimming and dancing I would be so screwed because I hate them both. But there are people out there who wouldn’t Crossfit if they were paid to do it, so those people shouldn’t have to do Crossfit.


There are so many forms of fitness.  You can swim, bike, run, lift weights or take yoga, barre or Pilates… You don’t have to eat chicken breast and asparagus everyday.. you can eat beef and butternut squash and still reach your goals and be healthy.  Ultimately you have to enjoy what you are doing because then you will want to do it all of the time and your body and health will receive the pay off for it.



Typically people who do not achieve their goals fall into one of these three categories when you really get down to the root of things, but I have a fix for every single one of them. As your personal trainer I can help you by co-creating a plan with you that will fit into your typical day that you truly enjoy and be able to stick to for the long haul so that you achieve your goals.  (Every single one of these girls can attest.)



I have several options you can choose from so we can work together…


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Your Coach,




P.S. What has stood in your way from reaching your goals, previously?

What did you do to get past those roadblocks to get where you are now?

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