The Two Supplements That Make the Biggest Difference in Your Physique

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It seems like no matter where you look supplements are being sold. There are entire websites dedicated to them, there are shops in every local mall and marketplace, not to mention all of your high school friends seem to swear by their shakes on Facebook and want to give you more info.


While I’m not a huge proponent of supplements as I believe we can get most of what we need through natural sources, like food and sleep, there are some benefits to taking supplements.


It’s generally much easier to take a pill or powder than it is to eat enough to ensure we get all of the vitamins and nutrients we need each day, and sometimes it’s just what you feel like doing. I will say, supplements are almost always going to be more convenient though I don’t suggest relying solely on them.


But there are two supplements I hands down WILL NOT go without. I have blogged previously with a list of supplements I have taken and am familiar with, and find beneficial, but these two take the cake.


  1. Whey protein – After you train you have a short window where getting nutrients into your body to speed up recovery is key. The window lasts about 30 minutes so you need to move quickly. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna sit down and eat chicken breast when I’m panting from my last 400m sprint.What happens is that when we train we break down the muscle fibers in our bodies, and them repairing is what actually helps us build muscle. Well, to get them to repair quickly, we need protein – and the faster the better. Whey protein is the fastest digesting protein on the market. It’s already broken down to the purest form possible so your body will digest it and get it into your blood stream and into your muscles very quickly.
  2. Magnesium – Yep, the mineral we have all heard of in middle school when studying the periodic table is probably something you’re a little less familiar with now when it comes to the benefits. It helps massively with deep sleep, muscle cramps and spasms, calms your nervous system, regulates the body’s use of calcium, aids in bone and teeth formation, regulates insulin sensitivity, assists in energy production in the body and protein synthesis, and soooo many more.Ultimately here my biggest reason is just simply put, I like to sleep deeply. Deep sleep helps you recover faster between workouts, to help you build muscle and lose fat. It helps your hormones regulate themselves. It boosts your immune function. The list goes on and on.


I’m not kidding you about how serious I am about these two supplements.  I keep extra baggies of protein powder in my trunk in case I forget to bring a shaker cup of it with me to the gym. And every single time I travel I bring my magnesium with me (yes, you can take it through security) and I even take it at night after I go out for a few drinks – I don’t forget (and I’m pretty sure it helps make hangovers not quite so bad.)


I recently was able to try the True Nutrition brand of whey protein as well as ZMA which is a combo pill of magnesium, zinc and vitamin b-6 to help you absorb the magnesium and zinc.


Straight up, I’ve used a high quality protein powder for so many years now I can’t tell a difference in how I feel based on this one – nothing FEELS different, but the taste is great and I know it’s good product. It’s hormone free and it’s sweetened naturally – no aspartame here! So I guess you could say I FEEL good about taking it.. ha! But it is a product I am willing to take myself, so it’s one I would recommend to my people.


And the ZMA.. okay, this might just be a game changer. I’ve taken magnesium for a while but never ZMA. I like that it comes in a pill form rather than powder because it’s definitely makes it easier for travel, for example, but I’m getting VERY deep sleep now. Once again, I’ve been taking magnesium on some level for years now so I can’t say I’m any less sore (but if you struggle with sore muscles, take magnesium – it’s a game changer) from this product specifically, but again, I trust it, I take it and I’d definitely recommend it. Holy moly.. the sleep!


So that said, if you are interested in either of these products, you can get them here. Neither will break the bank and neither will have you taking pills and powders all day every day in lieu of real food. They just make your life a little easier.  Or if you want to WIN these two products to try for FREE, Vitaminshoppe is running a contest that you can enter here.



If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment! Or if you have tried either, let me know what you think in the comments below!



Your Coach,




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