Top 6 Batch Cooking Must-Haves

Meal prep is super helpful because if you run out of time mid-week, your lunch is already prepared for you to bring to work or dinners are prepped to throw in the oven. It will keep you from going out to eat and ordering something naughty because you are hungry or having to throw something together that isn’t in the plan because it’s last second.


Here are my top six items you MUST have to successfully batch cook every week!  And no, time is not on that list.

1. Storage Containers.  Some folks like glass.  Either way, you need a lot of containers in all different shapes and sizes.  I like the flat, square ones for my chicken and vegetables and your basic leftovers.  I prefer the rectangular, deeper sizes for my oats.  And I like small cups for smaller portions like sweet potato or fruit. Whether you prefer glass or plastic, make sure it’s clear, dishwasher and microwave safe!

2. Food scale.  You absolutely must measure your foods to know your portion sizes.  A food scale will tell you if you’ve got the 3.5 ounces you need or if your eyes are bigger than your stomach (or the size you envision it to be.)  No guestimating – no eyeballing – you gotta be point point and the food scale will help you out! Tyler just got this one and loves it.

3. Measuring cups.  You can’t always weigh your portions – sometimes you need to scoop out the right amount.  For example if your portion is 1/4 of oatmeal or 1/2 cup of rice.  Having all of the measuring cups on hand is vital to getting the portions right.

4. George Foreman grill.  I had never owned one of these until last year, the night I was prepping my food to leave for my show, my oven and stove stopped working, and it was too cold to grill outside.  So I borrowed a George Foreman grill and it was a life-saver!  You can cook turkey burgers, veggies and all of your chicken on this thing in just a few minutes!

5. Lunch bag.  What’s the point of prepping all your food if you can’t bring it with you? I bought a hot pink lunch bag from Target for $1.  But some folks swear by their Six Pack Bag.  Even if you just use the Lulu Lemon bag you got yesterday when buying your Scuba Hoodie it’s all good!


6. Recipes! My Lean Body Cookbook and Meal Planning Guide guides you through your set up on your necessary calories each day and macronutrients, timed by your goals and your workouts. Not only will you learn about your body’s needs, you will have over 40 clean eating recipes to go with it!

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