Woman Makers

Woman Makers

Start in a high plank position, with a dumbbell in each hand, your legs extended and engaged, feet flexed, core tight and your shoulders, elbows and wrists all in one straight line. Perform one push up then wow your right dumbbell toward your chest. Perform another push up, then row left, being careful not to shift your body side to side. Then jump your legs to your feet and stand, driving through your heels. Clean the dumbbells to your shoulders and push press them overhead, locking out at the top, then lower back to your shoulders, back to your hips, to the ground, then kick yourself back to high plank. That is ONE rep.


Woman Makerss are part of Kyra Williams’ online personal fitness program and workout routines because they increase your core, leg, glute and shoulder strength and increase your heart rate. They are a great way to work on cardio while lifting weights.


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